Akcent - festival divadla s presahem
Closing party with Kyklos Galaktikos

Kyklos Galaktikos emerged on the hip hop scene at the end of last year with their first recording Osa dobra and immediately gained an audience. The topics of their lyrics are fresh, funny, intimate and naive while also being provocative and venomous. The variety of the music absorbs the senses, casting a spell with its dark beats, while avoiding the pitfalls of schematization. Kyklos penetrate to the core, to the very marrow, in a raw and sophisticated way, but also with nonchalant elegance.
The concert is presented by Šárka Hojaková and Josef Fojt, a well-known “fan, filmmaker and eccentric”. They will also close the festival.

length: 60 minutes, no language barrier

18. 11. 21:00
Archa Theatre  - Bar, foyer