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Jana Svobodová, Jing Lu / Archa Theatre: Solo for Lu

The acclaimed performance by Jana Svobodová and Jing Lu returns home to the Archa Theatre after a series of presentations at European festivals. Jing Lu’s fascinating performance will take you on a journey to the Chinese marketplace of the 1980s and the metropolis of Wu Han, which you have probably never heard of. Although Jing Lu is alone on stage, you will meet her relatives, schoolmates and physical education instructor. With the help of a guitar looper and small wooden drawers containing “a few things from China” she asks the audience: Do you know the population of China? Can Chinese people have two children?”
Lu tells a story full of tragedy as well as success. These stories are confronted with today’s global questions and western society’s ambivalent relationship to China, which ranges from admiration of its culture to fear of its economic hegemony.

Concept: Jana Svobodová and Jing Lu, director: Jana Svobodová, music: Michal Nejtek, performed by: Jing Lu

Length: 90 minutes, in Czech and Chinese with English subtitles

17. 11. 21:00
Archa Theatre  - Small auditorium

photo: Jan Hromádko