Akcent - festival divadla s presahem
Neratov - Divadlo má (s)mysl: Around the World in 14 Days

A theatre performance that was created by students of arts schools together with residents of housing shelters in Neratov. Together they created a space of "limitless fantasy". What was the result of 14 days of intensive work, based on improvisation and other theatre and music exercises? Find out at the Prague premiere of theatre with a purpose! Come and see the Disk Theatre transform into a teleportation airship! Get involved!
The Jiné jeviště (Other Stage) civic association focuses on creating theatre in specific groups and looks for new ways of using theatre. The Divadlo (s)mysl (Theatre with a Purpose) project has been cooperating for two years with the Neratov civic association and the Domov housing shelter.

Concept and director: Ondřej Mataj, Jan Lesák, Jan Čtvrtník and company

length: 60 minutes, in Czech

17. 11. 12:00
Disk TheatreDAMU