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PanoDrama: Word for Word

Word for Word is a documentary theatre performance that examines racially motivated attacks on Roma in Hungary during the years 2008-2009. The performance was created on the basis of more than 60 hours of interviews with victims of attacks, their families, neighbours and police officers. The artists read court reports, interrogated passersby, and recorded texts from blogs. All of the tests are presented exactly as they were recorded, without any stylization or alteration.
“Word for Word is a first experiment that attempts to examine through theatre the roots of hatred of Roma. People started to talk about things that are not usually spoken about in theatre and so far haven't been discussed....”
Andrea Tompa, szinhaz.net, the online version of the Theatre Magazine, Színház)

Concept and director: Anna Lengyel
Performers: BÁNKI Gergely, FEUER Yvette, HÁRS Anna, ORSÓS Róbert, ÖRDÖG Tamás, SCHERMANN Márta, SZAMOSI Zsófia, URBANOVITS Krisztina

length: 90 minutes, in Hungarian witch Czech translation and English subtitles

16. 11. 19:30
Archa Theatre – Large auditorium

photo: Margó Klecsán