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Theatre from the Passage: The Endless Countryside of Peter Hudec - A Stage Concert

Peter Hudec is an actor from the Theatre from the Passage in Banská Bystrica. He is also a master of disguise, sometimes appearing as a storyteller at a railways station, sometimes as a cowboy, and at other times as a policeman. Peter Hudec is also a musician. At a housing shelter in Banská Bystrica he plays long hours on the piano, the music seeming to flow right out of his fingers. Peter is a musician with down syndrome: by means of musical improvisation he allows us to look into the world of his imagination and dreams.
Musicians Michael Romanyshyn and Jaryn Janek will play with Peter at the AKCENT Festival.

Performers: Peter Hudec, Michael Romanyshyn, Jaryn Janek

length: 60 minutes, no language barrier

16. 11. 17:00
Archa Theatre – Small auditorium